Terms & Conditions - Florida Sunshine Vacation Rentals

All guests enter a binding and legal contract with Florida Sunshine Vacation Rentals (FSVR) when ordering or placing a reservation with FSVR through the online/phone reservation system. All reservations made with FSVR are final if and only if the reservation has been confirmed by FSVR and the down payment deposit has been collected by FSVR. All reservations including but not limited to an online reservation request by the guest, he or she automatically agrees to the articles of reservation described here under.

The FSVR online reservation system will automatically display acceptance of the guest reservation request while displaying a transaction ID number to the guest through the online booking engine used to submit their reservation. If the reservation is requested over the phone, fax, e-mail or by any other means, a reservation receipt will be sent electronically to the guest within 24-48 hours of their reservation request via e-mail. The transaction ID number is not to be regarded in any way as a confirmation of the reservation request but as an acceptance of the reservation request. A confirmation will be sent separately to the same e-mail address provided by the guest. This confirmation will be the guest acceptance of the reservation by FSVR. It is the guests obligation to verify the confirmation for accuracy of the reservation and all information on the reservation. FSVR must be notified of all discrepancies on the reservation within 24 hours.