10 Most Forgotten Items When Packing For Vacation

When packing for a vacation, some of the items are more obvious, like clothes, shoes, laptop. Other items, which are arguably just as important, tend to slip our minds. And what’s worse is if you forgot those items, they can really add up if you end up having to purchase them while at your vacation destination. It’s easy to forget necessary items, even when using a checklist, especially if you’re like every other American who waits until the day before the trip to start packing. Even though you’re packing for a fun family getaway, packing can still be a drag so make sure to leave room for these essential items to bring to your vacation home rental in Orlando, Florida:

Item #1: Phone charger

Although this may be one of the most used items, it is frequently left behind. Sure, they can be found at any airport, but you’ll end up paying twice as much as they normally cost. You can even go all out and pick up a wireless charger for your trip. It’ll come in handy when the rest of the family hogs all the outlets at the airport gate.

Item #2: Prescriptions

This is crucial, especially if you’re in charge of packing for the whole family. The key is to make sure all your medicines are labeled and take enough for the trip, plus a couple extra days in case of an emergency. This can save time and money when trying to get your prescriptions refilled at a different pharmacy.

Item #3: Hand sanitizer

This is a must for everybody, especially when you’re flying. Between traveling through airports, changing flights, and using the public restrooms, you’ll definitely want to keep a travel size of hand sanitizer in your purse at all times. Get the kids involved by getting them a bottle that clips on to their backpacks.

Item #4: Reading material

Yes, nowadays you walk through an airport and everyone will be on their phones. But your three-hour layover would be a perfect time to catch up on the new New York Times bestseller you’ve been dying to read but just haven’t found the time. Plus, it’s not worth swiping your card in order to watch the T.V. on the airplane.

Item #5: Boarding passes, flight schedule, and identification

More travelers have to double back home for these items than you think! Even if you remember to pack them, it’s locating them that can be the problem. Don’t be that person who has to open her carry-on and dig through it to find the proper paperwork while halfway through security. Keep these items easily accessible because you will be pulling them out frequently.

Item #6: Snacks

I know it’s hard to give up the carry-on space for snacks, but when traveling with the kid or even just by yourself, your future self will thank you for packing them. It’s easy to think, hey I’ll just tough it out. That bag of peanuts will be a sufficient lunch and possibly dinner. Trust me, you don’t want to deal with two hangry kids and a hangry hubby. And the people on the plane don’t want to either. Plus, the space the snacks took up will give way for souvenirs.

Item #7: Toothbrush and toothpaste

I’ve forgotten either one or the other every trip I’ve taken. The little tubes of toothpaste and free toothbrushes that your dentist gives you every visit are perfect for trips. Stash them where you’ll remember and pack some extras for every trip because guaranteed someone in your group will have forgotten them.

Item #8: Pack a complete outfit in your carry-on

This is a great idea in case the airport loses your luggage. I know you think, that’ll never happen to me, but four out of five people that I know have experienced it at least once in their lives. And if you’re only going for a weekend getaway, chances are you won’t get your luggage back until you’re home. By at least packing one outfit in your carry-on, it will cover you for the next day.

Item #9: First-aid items

This is a necessity even if you’re not traveling with the kids. Putting together a simple first-aid kid is super easy, so don’t bother spending 10 bucks for a premade kit at the store. Band-Aids, Neosporin, and alcohol wipes will be sufficient.

Item #10: Something warm

I’ve fallen victim to this fashion faux pas. Traveling to a work conference at the end of June prompted me to pack plenty of business casual outfits, but when the crew decides to go out for drinks or plans a picnic lunch at the lake, you may be out of luck. No matter what type of trip you’re taking, always pack something warm and something comfortable.

Although, yes, many of these items may seem super obvious, we all know from experience that those are the ones you tend to forget. Whether you’re packing for business or pleasure, for yourself or the whole family, packing is a chore that gets put off until the last minute no matter how hard you try. We can’t help you stop procrastinating, but we can help ensure that you don’t forget some of the important items. And the most important thing not to forget, have fun!

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