5 Ways to Save Money for your Vacation

The cost of living is often daunting, let alone trying to save money to take your family of four on the Disney vacation you promised. Believe it or not, taking a vacation could be as easy as changing your lifestyle, without changing your job or work schedule. Here are 5 ways to begin saving for that perfect Orlando vacation:

Tip #1: Learn to Cook

It is very easy to feel like you can afford eating out once a week due to the ease; however, think about how you could use that money more productively. A family of four could spend 100 dollars a week on eating out, racking up to 400 dollars per month. Get rid of the unnecessary expense of eating out and head to the grocery store instead. The effect of doing this is the ability to use the money saved to take a vacation with your family to a different state. Make cooking an activity in which the entire family can participate, and plan your trip while you eat.

Tip #2: Get Rid of Cable

In 2017, cable is generally an unnecessary expense. At 50 dollars or more per month, a household could be spending 600-1000 dollars per year on something they could have gotten for free online. Why watch news on television when you have it more readily available on your phone or computer? Similarly, why catch your favorite shows on TV when you could find them for free elsewhere? If your favorite show is not available for free, it most likely will be for as low as 8 dollars per month on streaming sites like Hulu or Netflix.

Tip #3: Make Coffee at Home

This lifestyle change is so obvious. The cost of stopping to get coffee on your way to work every day is anywhere between 2 and 6 dollars. Even if you just buy a 3-dollar coffee on the weekdays, that is almost 800 dollars per year. Instead, use the time you would have stopped to get a coffee and make coffee at home. 5 dollars will get you a can of coffee that will last you at least 100 cups. Use that 800 dollars a year on a week’s worth of a vacation rental home near Disney.

Tip #4: Buy a Metal Water Bottle

This lifestyle change is much subtler than learning to cook or not spending so much on coffee. Water is an essential life source for human beings, and it is often not noticed when a bottle is bought here or there. Let’s say you buy 14 dollars’ worth of plastic water bottles per week. That doesn’t seem like a lot of money, until you calculate how much that costs in one year--nearly 700 dollars. Splurge one week’s spending on single water bottles into a quality metal water bottle that will last, and see how much money you save.

Tip #5: Keep a Coin Jar

The spare change that jingles in your pockets for weeks and ends up in the bottom of your washing machine, dresser, or floor, is money that could have been saved to take your family on a dream trip to Disney in Orlando. Pennies, nickels, and dimes don’t seem to be much money, but neither did that 1-dollar water bottle or that 3-dollar coffee. Money is money and the easiest way to prove this point is by saving the jar from the pickles you just finished off at dinner and filling it with the change that accumulates in your pocket at the end of each week. You will be surprised how many hundreds of dollars richer you are at the end of every month.

Would you rather spend your money on a convenience item once a day for a year, or take the measures to change small things in your life to spend some time in a lounge chair outside your vacation rental in Orlando? I think we both know the answer to that.

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