Disadvantages of Staying in a Florida Hotel

When planning a family trip to Florida, finding a place to stay is the first order of business. Trying to find the perfect hotel for your family is not an easy task – there are so many to browse through and it’s hard to tell which reviews you can trust. Often the images on their website look nice but once you actually get to the hotel you realize the pictures were misleading. We have found that many families much prefer renting a vacation home in Florida over renting a hotel room for many reasons. Here’s why:

1. Not enough space

If you’ve ever had to cram a family of four (or even five) into one hotel room, you know that there’s just not enough space. Sure, you could rent an extra room but then the family is separated and it’s harder for mom and dad to keep an eye on the kids if they’re in a different room.

2. Sharing rooms and beds

Having two siblings sharing a bed in a hotel room is a recipe for disaster. There will be kicking and shoving and since everyone is sharing the room, that means no one will get any sleep at night. Plus, you’ll also be sharing one small bathroom which is a whole other nightmare.

3. Lack of amenities

If you’re trying to save money by booking a cheaper hotel, you’re going to end up with a room that lacks amenities. No mini fridge, no iron, no TV or wifi, no in room washer and dryer, etc. etc. Saving money shouldn’t mean you have to give up basic necessities while traveling.

4. Eating out for every meal

If you’re lucky, you will find a hotel room with a kitchenette and full size fridge where you can save some money by cooking your own meals. However, many hotels lack a kitchenette and only provide a mini fridge. This means your family will have to eat out for every single meal the entire trip, which is a big expense (and probably not that nutritious.)

5. Loud neighbors

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room where your next door neighbors are a pack of wild wolves? Well, it may seem that way when you’re trying to get to bed early to rest up for the day ahead but it’s impossible with loud kids running and yelling and jumping on the beds. Unfortunately, when you stay at a hotel there is a big lack of privacy.

6. Expensive laundry

If you need to have your clothes laundered on vacation (which you probably will unless you packed a ton of clothes), most likely you room will not have a washer/dryer so you will have to pay for incredibly expensive laundry service at the hotel. Otherwise, pack a ton of clothes that will take up all of your luggage space and then leave your vacation with a ton of laundry to do when you get home.

Consider staying at a vacation rental home on your next vacation. You can choose how small or how large the home is, have individual bedrooms for every guest, and have plenty of privacy so you can relax in peace. It will feel like home, but better!

Written by Steve Casey of Florida Sunshine Vacation Rentals

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