Five Reasons Why You Should Spend Christmas at a Vacation Home Rental in Florida Near Disney

Disney is a magical place all year round, but it is an extra enchanting time during Christmas. If you’re used to a snowy landscape for the holidays, this can be a perfect change of pace than what the family is normally used to. It can offer an especially welcome break from the seemingly endless months of blistering cold. I can guarantee that your bare feet will feel better in smooth, white sand, then stomping around in wet, cold snow boots! So, for this holiday season for a change of scenery and to try something new with your family, rent a vacation home in Florida near Disney head down to this year. Trust me, you and your kids will thank me.

Reason #1: Get away from cold weather

As a Mainer, born and raised, I look forward to the three glorious months that aren’t cold, colder, and coldest. Even in May, temperatures can creep down into the low 40s, during the day! That does not give me spring fever. So, as the temperatures start to dip in late September, a Christmas vacation down south can provide you and the family with a much needed reprieve from frigid temperatures and six-foot snow drifts. Also, Florida in December is perfect weather. Many native Floridians might argue that they will be bundled up with sweatshirts, but 70 degrees sounds absolutely heavenly when you’re used to below zero-degree weather. Traveling down south for the holidays will break up the cold weather spell and you will come back feeling refreshed and ready to push those last few months until spring.

Reason #2: The stunning, yet affordable vacation rental homes

Your initial response may be that you don’t want to spend the holiday away from family, but there is a simple solution to that problem - bring them with you! You can find an affordable vacation home rental in Orlando, Florida that will comfortably fit the whole family and extended family. A beautiful vacation villa just minutes from Disney World and other theme parks that sleeps 22 runs for $325/night. Split that between the entire fam and you could be spending as little as $15 a night to share this beautiful, fully functional oasis. You’ll have a private pool, full kitchen, gym, game room, and many other fabulous amenities. You’ll even have a washer and dryer, so you won’t have to weigh your luggage down with clothes, which will give you plenty of room for the kids’ Christmas presents!

Reason #3: The holiday-themed festivities

Just because Florida is lacking in snow does not mean that they are lacking in holiday spirit! The holiday celebrations and blowouts completely make up for the lack of that cold, wet stuff called snow. For the kids, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom should be at the top of your list. It is held every year, complete with a parade, fireworks, and live entertainment. Picture the family sipping hot cocoa and munching on cookies while watching your kids (and yours) favorite Disney characters all decked out in Christmas gear. And it wouldn’t be complete without a special appearance by Santa! For all the grouches during the holidays, the Grinchmas is for you! One of my daughter's all-time favorite Christmas movies, The Grinch , Grinchmas is at Seuss Landing at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Seuss Landing is transformed into a winter wonderland with wandering who’s and live performances from the mean greenie himself!

Reason #4: Avoid the almost unavoidable holiday stress

Unless you do your Christmas shopping in the summer, stressing over the holidays has become part of the holiday itself. Getting the new, must-have toys for the kids, planning the perfect holiday dinner, spend hours digging out decorations and ornaments only to pack them back away a couple weeks later. Believe it or not, getting a vacation home rental near Disney in Florida is the first step in breaking the tradition of a stressful holiday. I’ve started moving away from the cage fighting that is shopping at the mall. Amazon Prime offers free shipping and you can schedule your delivery date. Do you shopping throughout the fall on Amazon and then schedule them to ship to your affordable vacation home rental in Orlando near Disney for when you arrive. That will allow you plenty of time to wrap and pick up any last minute items when you get there. This allows you to now waste all your luggage space on gifts that probably will end up broken or damaged during the flights.

Reason #5: Get more for your money.

Let’s face the facts, Disney World and all its surrounding theme parks are the busiest and the most expensive during the summer. School is out, you want to take the kids on a vacation, and the weather is hot, hot, hot! Vacation home rentals are also more costly at this time. What you want to do is start planning your winter excursion during the kids’ summer break. Start talking to them about it, have them pick the activities and places that are their non-negotiables. This will get them excited about it and have something to look forward to over the summer. Florida is quieter during the summer and lines will be shorter, which is a major plus. Having to wait in line for two hours for a 30 second ride is a downright buzz kill. Vacation home rentals, restaurants and the theme parks are slower, so they compete with each other during this time of the year, so they will offer you great deals and incentives for you to give them your business.

As you can see, a getting an affordable vacation home rental near Disney in Florida during the holidays are the perfect gift to give yourself and your family. Trust me, you can do no wrong when taking the kids to Florida and Disney World. They will be over the moon just at the thought of having an entire luxury rental home for the entire family. It’s a great opportunity to get away with the entire extended family at a completely reasonable price. Changing up Christmas this year will be an exciting change of pace and will break up the monotonous, often seemingly endless months of cold weather and piles of snow. And this is a gift that you’ll appreciate just as much as the rest of the family will!

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