How to Please the Whole Family on Disney Vacation in Florida

There aren't many vacation destinations that are able to please the entire family, but Disney World at Florida happens to be able to do just that. Disney World is every kid’s dream, and let’s be honest, it’s every adult’s dream, too. I will be the first to say that one of the best things about having a young child or young children is having a legitimate excuse to be able to do all the fun things you did, or never got to do but wanted to do, as a child. So if you never got to go on a Disney vacation as a child it is so necessary to make up for lost time and book that Disney vacation that will please you and the family. And here’s a few tips on how you can do that!

Tip #1: Find an affordable vacation home rental in Orlando near Disney

This is the first and most important tip that I can offer. Although many people slack on this part of the trip thinking that they won’t spend much time at their hotel. Hey, you really only have to sleep there right? Wrong! Where you and your family stays is way more than just where you lay your pretty little heads at night. First step, ditch the hotel. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars a night to get two hotel rooms for you and the kids? Who wants to swim in a crowded, public pool, expensive room service that never quite can get your order right, or hearing everything that goes on in the rooms next to you (and vice versa for that matter)? No one wants any of those things. Renting an affordable vacation home in Orlando near Disney is a sure-fire way to please the whole family.

First, the kids will get their own rooms, so no fighting over what to watch on TV. You and your other half will have privacy. Also, the convenience of a full kitchen will save you tons of money on purchasing food all the time. You will be able to choose the rental home that best suits the needs of your family. Private pool, golf course, water slides, laundry service, etc. Not to mention the money you save. You could probably get away with paying half of what you would spend for two hotel rooms for the week, so renting a vacation home is a definite family-pleaser.

Tip #2: Have your little ones help with the planning

The best way to satisfy the kids on a Disney trip - have them help plan the trip! Make sure you give them clear, concise, limited options. It’s this or this. It’s up to you though to pick the options to give the kids. The best way of achieving that is by doing your homework. Look for different theme parks, activities, and festivals that best suit your child’s age and interest. You know your kids best and know what they can handle, so don’t be that family trying to do as many things possible in one day. It’s unrealistic and ends up not being that enjoyable after the third Disney meltdown. An amazing perk is that many of the vacation rental homes in Orlando, Florida are minutes from all of the major theme parks, so it’s advised to plan a break each day to come back to your rental home for a power nap, lunch, or just a lounge by the pool. So, have the kids pick the activities, but do not over plan. Give yourself some wiggle room, because as you very well know, doing anything with children takes longer!

Tip #3: Split up

This tip is depending on the ages of your children. If your kids are relatively the same ages, they will probably enjoy similar rides and attractions. But if you have one three-year-old and a fifteen-year-old, chances are they won’t be wanting to go see the same things. So instead of staying together as a family for the whole day and having one child want every other ride while the other child is riding the ride, split up for a portion of the day. Parents can decide who goes with whom, but this way the child can experience Disney World to the fullest on their terms. It will make your child feel special and you won’t waste any time. Meet back up for some family time in the afternoon. Your teen will thank you after your toddler rides It’s A Small World three times in a row.

Tip #4: Favorite meals

Since you’re renting a vacation home in Orlando near Disney, get your money’s worth! Chances are you’ll have a beautiful kitchen, maybe even nicer than yours back home, so take advantage of it. Plan on doing your grocery shopping at the local supermarket one you get there, but plan some on making some your family's favorite recipes while you’re there. Not only will you save tons of money, (which I’m sure the kids will help you spend later on) but everyone will get to eat what they want to. It’s hard to please the whole family when you have to select only one restaurant. I’ve been busted sneaking in food from another establishment for my two-year-old before. Susie gets her favorite, pb&j, Tommy gets a grilled cheese, and burgers for mom and dad. You’ll get the restaurant feel but without the restaurant price.

Tip #5: Do your homework

Different attractions are only available at certain times of the year, so before you get the whole family hyped up on a new ride, make sure it’ll be there when you plan on vacationing. Nothing worse than disappointed kids after you’ve just spent thousands of dollars trying to make them happy. Also, if you have younger children, know in advance which rides your they are eligible to ride on. I’ve been stuck waiting in line before with my three-year-old only to find when we got to the front of the line she was just a wee bit too short to get on. That can (and probably will) cause a major meltdown. Luckily, children at that age are easily distracted, so if you find yourself in that situation, try to quickly spot a distraction: a Disney character walking around, a snack, or another ride that your child will be able to go on. Chances are they’ll bounce right back!

Luckily, Disney World is such a magical place that it’s almost impossible to screw it up! But to ensure that the whole family will have an incredible and safe vacation, heed these tips while you’re planning your family trip. There are plenty of rides and attractions at the park that the whole family will be able to enjoy together, so if you end up splitting up for part of the day, make sure to save some time to be able to go on those together so all your children will be able to share those magic moments together.

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