The Importance of Creative Play and the Magic of Make Believe

vacation home rentals orlando florida“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” This quote by Carl Sagan emphasizes the importance of the use of imagination, and this holds especially true for children. Encouraging your kids to engage in “creative play” is not only crucial to the learning process, but it will set the foundation for innovative thinking as they grow older. Here are a few ideas to inspire creative thinking with your child:

Disney World

Walt Disney World is the epitome of imagination in every way possible. Ranging from its vast array of fictional cartoon characters to the seemingly, never-ending theme parks, made up of attractions you could only think of in dreams. Disney is the perfect place for a child to begin the creative process and start to develop a mind full of great ideas. Also, finding a place for your family to be together during this trip is even more effective! Try to find the best Florida vacation home rental deals to make this all possible.

Build Stuff

It can be as small as wooden blocks and LEGOs, or as big as a makeshift fort or treehouse; the benefits of teaching your child how to build different structures are extremely valuable to their development. A child learning that a tower of blocks collapses without necessary support helps children develop spatial skills. Piecing together a toy part by part to build different items improves hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Playing with construction toys is important to a kid’s cognitive thinking skills. It may seem like it’s all a game to your child, but they are taking away a lot more from these activities.

Cooking with Kids

Has your child ever asked you where all their great-tasting food is coming from? Instead of simply telling them how you made it, show them! Cooking with your kid is not only valuable family bonding time, but it serves as a helpful learning tool for their growing minds. Cooking involves a bunch of different hidden math skills including, fractions (1/2 cup of milk), temperatures (boiling points), and even geometry (12 x 8 pan). Also, since cooking usually involves recipes, your children will develop their reading skills and get better at following directions. Finally, once a dish is successfully prepared, your child will get a self esteem boost for being able to cook their own food!

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