How to Save for a June 2015 Disney Vacation and Find Discount Vacation Home Rentals

vacation home rentals orlando floridaA Disney vacation is a fantastic life experience that everyone should enjoy at least once, but it can also be costly. I think the expense is worth it, but many families (myself included) can’t come up with a few thousand dollars at the drop of a hat. That means you have to budget and save in order to enjoy your stay. For the simplicity’s sake, let’s assume you are a family of four that wants to stay for a week. If you were to stay in the park, buy park-hopper passes for everyone, and feed everyone in the parks or hotel cafeterias, you’ll spend about $3485 for the whole trip. That’s a big chunk of change.

Stay at a vacation home rental.

The best way to save money is by reducing the cost of your biggest cost: lodging. The mid-range hotel in the park would cost about $1300 for the week, and all you get are two rooms (bedroom and bathroom) and two beds. That isn’t very spacious. By opting for a vacation home rental in Orlando, Florida, you can rent an entire house for around $800. That’s a 40% savings on your biggest expense. Plus, you get a couple bedrooms, full bathroom (or two), a kitchen, a yard, and often your own private pool. Now you only need $2985.

You’ll have to start saving!

In order to vacation in June, you’ll need to say $88 per week. That seems like a lot of money, but by pinching your pennies, you should be able to make it. Here are some ways you can shave off expenses from your budget.

Bring lunches to work: Two adults buying $10 lunches during work every day is $100 per week. You won’t be able to eliminate this cost because you’ll still have to buy food to make at home. Let’s be conservative and say you can reduce this expense to $50 per week. You could probably do better, thought.

Eat dinners at home: A family of four usually eats out about twice a month and spends about $110 for a meal at a conventional family restaurant. That’s $55 per week. If you skip one dinner out each month, you’ll save $110 for the month, or $27 each week. Combined with your $50 lunch savings, you’re already made up $77 of your $88 dollars.

Drive a bit less: Driving is a huge cost in our country. We need vehicles to get around, but gas sure isn’t cheap. A typical parent spends about $60 in gas each week commuting to work and driving their kids around. How you save money here will depend on your lifestyle and commitments, but you don’t need to cut out much. You only need to reduce your gas expense from $120 to $109 to make up the remainder of your savings, which means each person has to drive $4.5 less. A single day carpooling could easily make up your difference.

There you have it!

Many people become overwhelmed when they think about paying for a vacation, but it’s actually not that costly. You just have to make a few lifestyle changes to fit it in.

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