Spending your Birthday at Disney World

Anniversaries, holidays, weddings, graduations - all great reasons to book a trip to Walt Disney World! But birthdays may very well be the most popularly celebrated “holiday” at Disney. It is a great idea to celebrate your birthday at Disney World if you’re craving something a little more special and exciting than cake and ice cream. Or maybe you’re planning a birthday for your child or someone special. Try combining a vacation with your child’s birthday in order to celebrate two events in one trip. If you choose to do this, it is pretty hard to line up a birthday on a vacation when considering work and school, but luckily in Disney you’re allowed to celebrate your birthday six months before and six months after that actual date. So anytime of the year, you’re good to go! Plus, there probably won’t be anyone carding you or demanding to see your child’s birth certificate. So if you plan on celebrating a birthday on a trip to Disney, here are some ways to make it extra special!

Tip #1: Plan, plan, plan

One thing that makes Disney World one of the best places to celebrate a birthday is that the atmosphere is also celebratory in general. That being said, anyone celebrating a birthday there will most likely be excited just to be there, so you can probably get away without spending a whole lot of extra money to make the day a little extra special. Unless you want to, you course! That first thing that can easily be done to start the birthday train a-chooing is in the planning stages. When you are calling your hotel to make reservations, one thing you should make sure to mention is that you are there to celebrate someone’s birthday. Sure, they probably won’t be planning a huge birthday surprise for your child (or you) when you arrive, but just having a Cast Member wish your child a happy birthday when you’re checking in can be an exciting experience! When you’re checking in you can also ask the Cast Member to arrange a special birthday phone call from a Disney character. This is free and can be more valuable to your child than the gifts you bought, especially the young ones!

Tip #2: Pick up a celebration button

If there is a celebration, Disney World has a button for it! You can pick up birthday celebration buttons at many locations inside the theme park, like City Hall in the Magic Kingdom and Guests Services at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Downtown Disney. If you’re shy, this may not be the way to go, but if you like a little extra attention on your special day, this might be the way to get it! With that being said, don’t set your expectations too high because your child might wind up being disappointed. Cast Members within the park are actively looking for people wearing these buttons and your child could get anything from a happy birthday wish from one of their favorite Disney characters, a picture, a conversation, or even some freebies in the form of food or souvenirs. It also does not hurt to let employees know of any celebrations within your party when visiting restaurants or other theme parks. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra attention on your birthday!

Tip #3: Decorate

This can be done very inexpensively and can be such a great way to start your child’s birthday. The best way to do this is to stay at an affordable vacation rental home in Orlando, near Disney to ensure that you will be able to celebrate the birthday your way. If you decide to stay in a vacation rental home over a hotel, you’ll be able to start your child’s day with his/her favorite breakfast in bed without paying an exorbitant room service charge. Also, one night during your vacation, pack it in early from the theme parks and have a dinner celebration at the vacation home rental. This way you can decorate the house for the celebration, cook your child’s favorite meal, and end it with a birthday cake with candles. This intimate family birthday bash totally beats going out to a restaurant and having to pay extra to get your child a cupcake. Restaurants are nice and convenient, but choose a different night to spend out on the town and get more bang for your buck by creating a memorable, genuine party atmosphere for your child at your rental home.

Tip #4: Surprise!

This works especially well if the birthday you’re celebrating is for a young child. Planning some birthday surprises during your vacation will make the birthday much more memorable than if it was only a Disney World vacation. When you go out to lunch arrange for the employees to wish (or sing!) happy birthday to your child while you are dining. Placing treats or presents strategically around your vacation rental home will totally amp up the day. In the morning, have a happy birthday message wrapped around his/her toothbrush or written on the bathroom mirror, a birthday card or small gift at the table for breakfast, or a scavenger hunt that leads to some cute Disney souvenirs (that you packed in your suitcase from home, shh) waiting for your child when you return home from a long day out. My daughter goes into crazy excitement mode when I bring her home a “special chocolate milk.” Making little ones squeal for joy is easy and it is just as much enjoyable for the parents as it is for the kid.

Tip #5: Itinerary

Nothing makes my three-year-old happier than getting to make her own decisions. Or the illusion that she’s making her own decisions! Have your birthday-celebrating child be able to plan one of the days of the family’s vacation. If that would be too much, have him/her pick the first few rides at the theme park that the family will go on. Nothing makes a child feel more special than being in charge!

Disney World is a fantastic place to celebrate a birthday. Orlando, Florida in itself is such a magical and exciting place that you don’t have to work extra hard to make the birthday special. Renting an affordable vacation home in Orlando near Disney is a great way to start the family’s extra special vacation. Chances are that every Disney trip is an exciting and unique experience for everyone, so make your next family trip a birthday combo and create some once in a lifetime experiences!

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