The Best Time of Year to Visit Disney

You may think that there is no best time to visit Disney World. All the rides, attractions, and prices are the same no matter what time of the year that you decide to take the family. I mean, its warm all year round, right? Okay, but the truth is, there is a big difference depending on what time of the year that you go. When looking for affordable vacation rental homes in Orlando, Florida near Disney World, our prices vary during peak season, off season and mid-season. If youre looking for good prices, new attractions, and shorter lines, than the best time to take the trip is in the Fall. Your kids and future you will thank you for doing so!


Reason #1: Weather


There are two temperatures in Florida, hot and hot. One is the really hot and humid weather during most of the year and then there is the nice hot weather starting in the fall through the first part of the winter.  I often am in fall denial right around this time, so taking a trip to Florida in October is a great way to extend your summer and to put off winter as long as you possibly can. It is still perfect beach weather, right around 78 degrees. Sure, when you come back home a reality check of nippy nights will smack you in the face, but the comfortable hot weather in Florida instead of the dreaded hot and muggy that makes you want to run for the AC will be worth it.


Reason #2: New rides and attractions


During Disney Worlds prime time, the summer, most theme parks will launch all of their new rides and attractions then. During that time, they will draw the biggest crowds and the longest lines. In the early fall, the commotion will have died down and you will have shorter wait times for the newest attractions.


Reason #3: Deals on vacation home rentals


Nowadays you just cannot take a vacation to Disney with the family without renting a vacation home near Disney in Orlando, Florida. The most obvious reasons, price, comfort, and space are enough to drive anyone away from choosing a hotel instead of a vacation home. But in the fall, there are some pretty sweet deals on our favorite vacation home rentals. They beat out a small hotel room and the privacy youll get from other hotel guests is unbeatable. Because fall is not the busiest of tourist seasons, our Florida vacation home rentals offer deep discounts. We also offer week-long vacation home packages which can save you hundreds of dollars.


Reason #4: Fall festivities


If youre not from a state that has beautiful fall foliage, you will get to experience that at Disney. Leaves change a beautiful shade of red, orange, and yellow even in Florida. But whats really cool is celebrating Halloween at Disney!  Halloween Horror Nights is fun for the whole family! The kids can dress up too and visit awesome haunted houses and attractions. Trick-or-treating in Disney how cool! Dressing up as a family is fun too.


Reason #5: Christmas!


Where else can you experience Halloween and Christmas on the same vacation? Only at Disney World, thats where! Soon after the kids go trick-or-treating, Disney will be decked out as a winter wonderland. Especially since the closer you get to Christmas, everything in the

vacationing world gets more expensive, so the late October-early/mid November will allow you and your family to experience two family favorite holidays.


For whatever reason you decide, visiting Disney World in the fall is definitely better. From shorter lines, new attractions, and better deals on affordable vacation homes near Disney in Orlando, Florida, there is a reason for mom and dad to take a week off from work and a reason to pull the kids out of school and spend the time together in Disney. It is the perfect time to getaway and escape the summers over blues and have one more week to sip mimosas by the pool and watch the kids play at the beach.

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