Vacation Rentals in Florida: Hotel vs. Vacation Home

vacation home rentals orlando floridaWhen most people begin planning their trips, they immediately compare hotel accommodations. They’re unaware that there is an entirely different way to vacation.

People all over Florida have turned their second homes into short-term rental properties for vacationers. These homes come in all types of shapes and sizes, and they’re available all over the state whether you are looking for a vacation home rental in Orlando, Florida, South Beach or other popular vacation spots in Florida. Before booking your Florida vacation, weigh your options between a hotel and vacation home rental.

Hotel Rooms

Hotels are very appealing. They’re easy to arrange and you don’t have to bring anything other than a suitcase full of clothes and yourself. Every day, a housekeeper will tidy up your room and deliver fresh towels. Typically the hotel will have a restaurant and bar in the lobby. A helpful concierge can point you to all the sights and attractions in town.

But you’ll sure pay for it! Hotels can be expensive. Without a doubt, your hotel room will be the biggest expense of your vacation, and you aren’t likely to get much for your money. The most typical hotel room is a single room with a bed or two and an attached bathroom. Hardly spacious!

If you’re looking for privacy, a hotel won’t provide it unless you’re willing to shell out huge sums of money for suites on private floors. (And who has that kind of cash?) Even still, you can’t avoid crowded pools, gyms, and golf courses. Sometimes “all inclusive” is too inclusive.

Home Rentals

There are many properties to choose from. Whether you’re a retiree looking for extended vacation spots or a honeymooner looking to get the most for something exotic, or a family looking to get the most for their money, you’ll find a vacation rental that suits your needs. Because the homes are all independently owned, they’re all entirely unique.

A vacation home rental is a great way to experience any kind of lifestyle you prefer. You can stay in a simple two bedroom in a cozy suburban neighborhood or a sprawling villa by the water. They come furnished and offer the same amenities you have at home, like a washer and dryer, full kitchen, and, most importantly, privacy.

Home rentals are especially attractive for large families or groups. A rental home is substantially cheaper and your group can sleep nearby and eat meals together. Purchasing food at nearby stores and preparing it yourself will save you from buying pricey meals at restaurants three times a day, and most properties usually includes lawn space, which makes them pet- and kid-friendly.

The biggest drawback to a vacation home is that you’re on your own. There’s no concierge to arrange a taxi or point you to the beach. However, premier Florida vacation home rental companies like us will offer guidance on nearby restaurants, attractions, golf, and more along with directions and maps to find everything you need. Further, you’ll have to clean your own messes and you lack access to the services of a hotel (room service, asking the front desk for toothpaste you forgot, etc.), but you can have the home cleaned during your stay for a nominal fee.

Whichever you choose, always remember to do your research. You can save time, money, and have a more enjoyable vacation by looking into all your options.

vacation home rentals in Orlando FloridaWritten by Steve Casey of Florida Sunshine Vacation Rentals

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